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Hello there, and welcome to xshift, FocusedShadow/Selo's icon journal. I'll be keeping all of my icons and graphics here. If you have a request, want to friend me, or want to drop some constructed criticism, please don't hesitate to do so! Note that while I won't put up any blabbing about my personal life and stuff here, I'll also use this account for joining communities and (probably) roleplays.


1 You are allowed to use my icons and colorbars on a forum or LiveJournal. That's why I make them! There are no restrictions on what you can and can't take, but I don't let people use my personal LJ userpics unless they ask. I'd be happy if you comment on an entry and say what you're taking for use, though it's not required. You can use my graphics on pretty much any site you want to as long as you abide by rule #2. Read it! *points down* For more details on when and how you're allowed to use my graphics, visit my personal Creative Commons License page.

2 Credit. I don't care how you do it, really. You can link back to this journal, or simply say "avatar (or colorbar) made by FocusedShadow/xshift@LJ/Selo/whatever" in your forum signature. I won't hunt you down and kill you if you're not giving credit, but DO NOT under any circumstances claim that you made the graphic. If you don't know how to give credit for a userpic on LiveJournal, do it in your edit userpics menu (under comments) like so:

3 DO NOT EVER TAKE ONE OF MY GRAPHICS AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN. That, kids, is called 'stealing'. Stealing is illegal. You can be banned from the site where you're displaying the graphic; you can get in trouble with the government for violating copyright law; you might even have to pay a fine. Don't steal, because it's goddamn retarded and you won't get away with it. Luckily, I've never encountered theft of my work before, but if I suddenly find a large amount of people doing it, I will put up a wall of shame. This no-stealing policy doesn't just apply to me, however. I will hold a grudge against someone if I see them stealing art or graphics, wherever it may be. I most likely won't friend thieves who ask to be LJ friends. As a proud member of teentitan_theft, I won't be happy with the theft of anyone's hard work. Stealing online is just as stupid as stealing in real life.

4 Yes, I do take requests. Feel free to comment on any entry (or in a thread on a forum like TGN where I may post up my stuff) and be specific about what you want. I'm usually pretty quick for finishing requests because I have a lot of free time. Your requested graphic will most likely be posted up in 24 hours or less. If you're not happy with the final result, let me know what you want to be changed and I'll get right on it.

5 If you want to affiliate with me or friend my journal, comment on my affiliation post or the meme and I'll most likely add you. As mentioned in rule #3, if I find out that you're an intarweb crook (or if you're a general dork), I'll most likely remove you from my friends list.

6 This is the last rule. Please do not bash the fandom of the graphics. If you don't like a certain TV show/anime/manga/movie/band/whatever, don't stir up any trouble about it and just leave (unless you're interested in the techical aspects of graphics and not what they contain, which is fine with me).

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